What is Unifor?

By now most of you are aware of the formation of our new union Unifor. The joining together of the CAWand CEP (Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union) creates a new union of over 300,000 members representing 33major sectors in Canada. Organizing is a key mandate and
commitment of Unifor.

Unifor recognizes that workers need unions…

…to bring fairness and respect to their workplaces and to help equalize the imbalance in bargaining power between an employer and its employees. Simply on their own, workers can never hope to improve their compensation or working conditions. Only with union representation and collective bargaining will workers win the power to improve and protect their working conditions and living standards.

Unifor is the union for Toyota…

…and is fully committed to all of you in your organizing campaign.We recognize that change does not come easy and at times takes longer than expected but rest assured with your continuing support and your assistance in helping us to reach out to others we will achieve our goal.

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