It’s like getting a little help with your holiday celebration.

At this time of year we look to our wallets a little more closely, to buy the things that make loved ones feel the cheer.

Turns out, the difference throughout the year in what a Unifor member and Toyota auto worker earns is enough to ease the sting of this costly holiday season.

Unifor members in the auto industry do better in all areas, wages benefits and time off the job. But at this time of year, money talks, and the Unifor members will earn about $1,372 a year more than a Toyota worker.

The top rate for hourly production workers sees those at Unifor earning 66 cents an hour more, nearly 40 cents more for starting workers.

When overtime is factored in—it averages about 200 hours a year for both auto workers—at time-and a-
half based on hourly wage, the union workers earn even more.

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