As we ring in the New Year with excitement of the strength of your organizing drive, we congratulate your achievements over the past year and look forward to taking your campaign to the next level. Your goals are very clear – bringing a stronger voice to the workplace, a voice of the workers and the ability to have a say in your future.

From improved health and safety, better time off, effective and fair ergonomic standards, more permanent jobs, language that protects your pensions and a better and fairer workplace for everyone and their families.

Toyota’s Workers are the leaders in establishing industrial standards that challenge the way work is accomplished so why not lead and establish the best working conditions in the industry?

The workers at Toyota have made the company the success that it is and continue to keep Toyota a world leader. It is high time for Toyota to recognize the commitment of their workers and make them the world leaders in their industry. Establishing a voice for the workers will only make the company stronger too.

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