The drive to have Unifor represent workers at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada is moving to its next phase, with a vote to unionize looming, says John Aman, Unifor director of organizing.

“We have tremendous support, tremendous momentum,” said Aman, adding a vote will be held when support is even greater.

“There have been two applications in the past (to unionize Toyota) filed and withdrawn because there was not enough support, we want to ensure we don’t have the same issues.”

The drive, which has been going on for several months, paused over the holiday season during the plant shutdown.

Unifor has heard loud and clear from workers that they need a voice on the shop floor regarding issues such as pensions, wages and benefits, health and safety issues, getting time off the job and addressing workload concerns, to name a few.

There are enough cards signed for a vote to be held, but efforts will now focus on deepening the support among the men and women who work at Toyota in Cambridge and Woodstock.

That means workers inside should add to their committees and teams, and Unifor organizers at the gates offering support will again be a familiar site.

“We are trying to get as much support as possible to ensure we are successful, it is a numbers game.”