women in autoThere are many issues that are important to working women, such as access to child care, reaching a work/life balance, facing harassment or favoritism and building healthy workplaces.

Healthy Workplaces are an important issue for women working at Toyota. Unifor has many solutions to some of the most common issues that create a barrier to a healthy work environment. We know that unionized workplaces are safer and healthier; we know that a collective agreement is the best mechanism workers have to force their employer to uphold the Ontario Health and Safety Act; and we know that Unifor can make a difference for you.

Some common issues faced by women are: repetitive strain injury, mental and physical stress or injury, accommodations in the workplace, working while pregnant, and WSIB.

On the campaign website, you can find more information on these common issues and what Unifor has suggested as solutions in other unionized workplaces. Make sure to read up on them at www.unifortoyota.ca

In the coming weeks, we will try to discuss with you other issues that are important for you, including some issues that affect predominantly women at home and in the workplace.

Questions? Comments? Email us confidentially at toyotawomen@unifor.org or call the Toyota Unifor Women hotline at 1-800-268-5763 extension 8439 to start the conversation about how Unifor can help you as a woman at Toyota.

To find out more about our campaigns, education programs or issues Unifor women care about, join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/uniforwomen.