perieraDan Pereira works in the Cambridge south plant on the engine line for the Lexus. He has been at Toyota since 2004. He is 34 years old, and lives in Plattsville, Ontario.

Why he supports Unifor

“I have a three year old daughter and I want a future for her. I am tired of seeing how the standard of living is dropping here and rising in other countries. If we let this continue we are hurting our kids’ future.”

Unions work to preserve and better working conditions on the job and maintain that standard of living.

“I used to work in a union shop and there is no grey area, you know where you stand and what the rules are. Now we don’t know where we stand on any particular day,” said Pereira.

“I want to be at Toyota for 20 years, I just want fairness across the board. Right now policies and the way they treat people change everyday.”

A collective agreement, negotiated between the union and company, is the surest way to get that fairness, he adds.

“We had a draw at the plant for prizes, like a Blackberry or a Toyota jacket to boost morale. Someone asked me if I wanted a jacket and I said ‘no thanks, I’ll take a collective agreement.’ ”

Stay tuned to meet more Toyota workers who support the union!