cleveland-webKen Cleveland has worked at Toyota for 17 years, and is an industrial electrician. He is a team leader in Cambridge south, is 50 years old and lives in Cambridge.

Why he supports Unifor

“Somehow TMMC has lost the Toyota philosophy. It was never perfect, but it was a completely different place 17 years ago. Things have to change,” said Cleveland.

“I want to protect and hopefully improve our current package, which I know is competitive but has been eroded by direct cuts and inflation.”

He sees support on the job as a key issue as workers are often alone against management, and need to be heard. He believes Unifor will help team members by standing alongside them when they face problems and pressure from management.

“If Unifor did nothing else but prevent even one team member from having to go through that alone then I would be happy to pay union dues.”

He cites ongoing issues such as ergonomics and safety standards, as well as the status of contract workers, as reasons to support Unifor.

“I believe we can form a new reasonable, progressive, co-operative union that will set the standard, just like we have done with quality and productivity.”

Stay tuned to meet more Toyota workers who support the union!