sperdutiLee Sperduti has worked at Toyota for 11 years and is now in assembly. He works in Cambridge at the north plant. Lee is 36 years old, and lives in Cambridge.

Why he supports Unifor

“We build excellent cars here because of our team members, we should have a say in how we work,” said Sperduti.

Unifor can ensure workers are part of the decision-making process and will level the playing field for all workers, he believes.

“Right now, they can change everything and anything at work. They can change policies without telling us. Why should we beg when we can bargain?”

He is concerned about ongoing health and safety standards in the plant as well as preferential treatment from some managers toward a few workers, believing a fairer system is needed.

“We are paid well but our plant made a lot of money last year. They are cutting contact workers, saving money on pensions. Toyota can share the wealth. But I am here to work with the company. I don’t want to burn anybody.”

Stay tuned to meet more Toyota workers who support the union!