shipwayPatti Shipway has worked at Toyota for three years, and was made full time in July 2013. She works in assembly at the Woodstock plant. She is 37 years old and lives in Woodstock.

Why she supports Unifor

“I want to protect my future, it’s very important to me. When I was contract I was always worried about getting fired. I don’t like the way contract workers are treated, they changed their starting wages (and pension). When it comes to bonuses we get $1.000 and contract get $500, but they do the same job.”

She believes greater equity and fairness is needed at Toyota as some workers are given preferential treatment, and Unifor can help bring equity to the workplace.

“We need black and white rules for everybody, right now there is a lot of favoritism.” said Shipway.

“We had these lunch and learn sessions about changing jobs, they asked for input but they don’t listen.”

She sees issues of workplace safety and ergonomics needing to be better addressed by the company and believes Unifor can help with that, too.

“I want to be at Toyota the rest of my life, I want Toyota to succeed. But we need to make it better.”

Stay tuned to meet more Toyota workers who support the union!