Toyota Canada sold 10,439 vehicles this January, up 10.6% from sales in January 2013, according to figures released earlier this week by the automaker.

The Woodstock-made RAV4 set a sales record with 2,160 sold, up 221.4%, the twelfth straight month of record sales for the vehicle.

“This is an excellent start to 2014,” said Larry Hutchinson, vice-president sales, Toyota Canada Inc. “We are pleased to (have) so many vehicles across our lineup with record January sales.”

Unifor applauds Toyota in its success, welcoming the boost in sales of Canadian-made vehicles. At the same time, we believe workers should share in the success they are helping to produce. It is also important that auto workers, including Toyota team members, have a voice in the industry’s future.

Lexus sales also saw strong growth, up 12.1 per cent in January over 2013. Its luxury SUV sales rose 14.5 per cent with the RX sales growing 5.2 per cent.

Last year Toyota enjoyed sales growth of 7.4 percent for the year, nearly 2.24 million vehicles in North America.