Toyota’s unionized workforce wants its share of the automaker’s record profits.

The Japanese giant is posting industry-leading profits, with its net income quadrupling last quarter and growing to $4.2 billion US, pushing the amount of cash it has on hand to more than $35 billion US.

Unions representing workers in Japan announced last month that they will enter into talks this spring, looking for their first raise in base salary in five years. The workers are looking for an increase in wages averaging $39 per month and bonuses valued at 6.8 months’ salary, according to a statement from the Confederation of Japanese Auto Workers’ unions.

And it seems like Toyota is willing to talk.

“I would expect we can negotiate the issue with representatives from the labor union to come to a decision that benefits both sides and is conducive to the company’s sustainable growth,” Toyota President Akio Toyoda said in a statement about the upcoming labour talks.

Toyota, the world’s biggest automaker, earned about as much in 2013 as the combined profits of GM and Volkswagen – the next biggest automakers.

In fact, Toyota is taking heat from some industry analysts who are suggesting Toyota is not investing enough in building more plants globally, and should give more money to shareholders.

But Toyota workers around the world are starting to ask why the people who build the vehicles shouldn’t share in the wealth. “It’s important to reduce concern about the future in order to expand consumption and to get the… economy [growing],” the Confederation of Japanese Auto Workers’ unions said in a statement. “We will seek wage increases with that perspective.”

Toyota last month set a target to sell a record 10 million vehicles this year, according to automotive industry reports.

In the last quarter, profits for its North America division soared to about $1.1 billion US. Sales of Toyota vehicles in the U.S. rose 7.4 percent to 2.24 million in 2013, second only to the record set in 2007 in its largest market. This year, Toyota’s U.S. sales will probably increase by 100,000 units according to Toyota officials.