carmenCarmen has worked at Toyota since 2010. She is a full time worker and chooses parts that are sent to the assembly line. She Works in Woodstock, is 30 years old and lives in Paris, ON.

Why she supports Unifor

“There are so many reasons, but I think we need to set an example in bargaining. I think we need to ask for proper wages and pension and that can spread to other plants. We can show them they don’t have to be scared,” said Nixon.

She would like to see greater flexibility in scheduling and time off the job, as issues Unifor can help address. She looks to CAMI workers who bargained time off the job by accumulating overtime as a model for Toyota team members.

“Toyota does not bring students in to cover weekends, or for extra time off. It would be great if it were more flexible for families,” said Nixon.

She would also like to see daycare subsidies like those won by Unifor at Detroit Three plants.

“Its really about respect, that’s the big thing. Now contracts don’t know they have the same rights as permanent employees, many of them are naive about labour laws, and the union can help with education and training. “With Unifor we can solve problems, we would not be alone.“