CindyCindy has worked at Toyota 10 years, works in quality group inspecting vehicles for quality at different points in the production cycle. She works at the Cambridge, south assembly plant. She is 44 years old and lives in Elmira.


Why she supports Unifor

There are too many reasons to list,” she laughs. But basically, she said, I want everyone to be treated fairly.

Venier is most concerned about health and safety issues, having some experience in that field at a previous job.

“I know how good a union can be. With a collective agreement everything is black and white, you have resources and can assist people when they are having troubles.”

She has refused unsafe work, but is concerned about others who do not assert their workplace rights. “I have worked in health and safety in another job and I can tell it is a (serious concern) at Toyota.”

She also believes talk on the shop floor of a 30 per cent turnover rate among new workers. She is also concerned about “favouritism” at the plant and believes Unifor help level the workplace playing field.

Stay tuned to meet more Toyota workers who support the union!