KevinKevin has worked at Toyota 25 years as an industrial electrician. He works in the Cambridge, south plant. He is 56-years-old and lives in Kitchener.

Why he supports Unifor

“I have never been pro union but I have seen an erosion of the culture here. A 10 cent pay raise in 2010 was a slap in the face, they play with our benefits, change our benefits. We need a voice,” said Harvey. “The fear is we have seen what this company can and will do.”

That cultural change concerns Harvey.

“Policy-wise when they said something, you could count on it. They have eroded things I never thought they would touch.”

He is concerned about the dramatic turnover among workers at the plant, believing talk on the shop floor that it can range as high as 30 per cent. For that many workers to walk away from a job in this economy is a sign there are serious issues that need to be addressed.

“I would like to know through a collective agreement what is coming in the following year. Right now we don’t know from one day to the next.”

Stay tuned to meet more Toyota workers who support the union!