mitchMitch has been at Toyota 10 years and he works in assembly on the door line. He works at the Cambridge south assembly plant. Mitch is 32-years-old and lives in Guelph.

 Why he supports Unifor

“I am seeing a downward trend in our compensation, our benefits and wages. I am worried that cuts to full-time workers will be next and I want to protect my family.”

Wages have been frozen for several years and benefits have been altered – all without input from workers.

“It is concerning. We are seeing how people on contract are being treated, the company is making record profits and (defined benefit) pensions were taken away. My pension does not have protection at all.”

He is also frustrated by not having input into what happens to him on the job.

“We have these roundtable meetings and we call them the runaround table meetings. We cannot get a straight answer. I want the company to be accountable to its workers, we are stakeholders, we should have a say…I would like to retire from Toyota.”