proctorNorman has been at Toyota for four years and works in SPS picking parts for vehicles. He is 36 years old and works in Woodstock.

Why he support Unifor

“It would be fairer here if we had a union. I want a pension in writing, I want a time study done (on workplace ergonomics), I want a voice in the workplace. We don’t have one. They ask us about things, we do surveys but what we say does not count, our opinion does not matter. Toyota could be a great company if it listened more to its workers,” he said.

Proctor also questioned why wages and benefits were frozen or cut at the automaker, which is enjoying record profits and sales.

He also wants contract workers treated more fairly, he added.

“I don’t agree with two-tier wages, I don’t like making $12 an hour more than someone next to me. I don’t like it and the only way to end it is to join a union,” he said.

“I want everything in writing, one system for everyone who works there.”