PaulPaul has worked at Toyota for seven years, six full time. He now works in the “cavity wax” area, spraying wax into interiors of doors and hoods, applying anti-chip paint. He works in Cambridge north plant. He is 43 years old and lives in Cambridge.

Why he supports Unifor

“We really have no representation in the plant. There is no consistency in how policies are applied, and there is favoritism where some get away with stuff while others get hammered.”

He has also seen workers with concerns over injury claims or harassment have to do all the work to get help, without support.

Teixeira is concerned about the pace of work, which appears to be accelerating without regard for how it is impacting the worker. “I get 52 seconds to do a job and then extra work . . . .I don’t have time to take a drink or tie my shoes some times. They love to squeeze every last minute out of you.”

He also admits to shaking his head at times at the level of micromanaging, which does not seem to make sense.

“We have these coveralls and management wants us to button them up right to the neck. I have no idea why.”

Stay tuned to meet more Toyota workers who support the union!