13649933234_8a410bf141_zFresh energy has been pumped into the campaign to unionize Toyota team members this past week as the campaign has moved to sign up more members in order to get to a vote as soon as possible.

“There is nothing stronger than the resolve of workers who have decided to fight for their rights and secure a bright future — and that is what we have here at Toyota,” Unifor National President Jerry Dias said at a press conference to kick off the next phase of the union drive.

After filing more than 3,000 signed cards with theOntario Labour Relations Board on March 31st, team members learned that they fell just short of the number required after the company released their startlingly high employment numbers.

While the option to engage in a lengthy legal battle contesting the numbers was a possibility, team members were more interested in building support and getting more cards signed so a vote can take place with confidence.

Despite a message from TMMC President saying he wanted team members to vote, the company filed a 54-page objection to holding it . TMMC has made it clear that they are opposing this vote, and are not addressing team members’ concerns.

Ken Cleveland, a maintenance team leader at Toyota’s Cambridge facility, spoke at the April 3rd press conference and emphasized the determination of his fellow team members who want to have a vote.

“With the growing list of workplace issues ranging from pension security to line-speed, I can’t wait to get back to signing more cards. Our concerns aren’t being addressed and it’s time for us to have a say at work. Democracy is clearly coming to Toyota,” said Cleveland.

Team members who support the union but have not yet signed a card should take this opportunity to to sign one now.

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