Despite a message from TMMC President saying he wants us to have a vote, they filed a 54 page objection to holding the vote. TMMC has made it clear that they are opposing this vote, and they are not addressing our concerns.

Toyota has also released its employee list. The number of employees on the list is much larger than the company has claimed in other public statements and documents.

Now we have a tough decision to make. We can engage in a lengthy legal battle – or we can build on the momentum we have and get more cards signed.

Instead of going to a vote next week, we will be taking the time to build more support so there is no dispute over the numbers and we can move to a strong vote.

Unifor is temporarily withdrawing its application. This delay will allow us to get more cards signed. If you know anyone who is on the fence and has not signed a card, now is the time for them to do it! Sign your card now!

Unifor and Toyota team members remain determined to improving the working conditions at Toyota.

We’re in this together to win.

Together we can do this. Let’s get it done!