johnJohn Works at the South Plant, QC in Audit (Emissions dept.). He has spent 26 years working at Toyota as of May 2, 2014.

Why he supports Unifor

He is concerned that as TMMC has grown it has lost touch with the issues on the floor and TMs have lost their voice. “We have about the same amount of staff handling TM concerns today as 25 years ago when there were only a thousand employees. I’m frustrated with the scripted answers that are offered at the roundtable sessions.”

He believes if TMMC expects its employees to be the best workers, building the best vehicles in North America, helping Toyota to be the world’s #1 automotive company, they should compensate TMs as the No. 1 automotive company. He is also keen on improving the Peer Review system. “Having been involved in the process myself I can tell you that TMs lack the support and guidance required to reach a fair decision.”

His involvement in the organizing drive has shown him “how Unifor has the experienced and knowledgeable manpower required to deal with the everyday concerns that arise in an automotive facility.”

As he approaches his retirement years he feels that having an in-house Unifor committee speaking on behalf of TMs and retirees will be a good thing. “I am hoping that TMMC will have to honour the contractual agreements made for its retired workers in the future. I know that there are no sure things in life other than “death and taxes” but I feel a contract is the next best “sure thing” for all TMs at TMMC.”