michelleMichelle has been a worker at Toyota for six years. She works in Woodstock in the Underbody – West Weld deparment.

 Why she supports Unifor

Getting involved in the organizing drive has allowed her to meet lots of good people who have important and interesting stories to tell about working at Toyota. “Everybody has a good story.” She has learned a lot about the workplace and now has a better understanding of the range of issues facing her co-workers.

Some co-workers get in trouble at work for some things while others don’t. It’s an issue of fair and equal treatment and ending favouritism by management.

Being one of few women in the weld shop meant there were some challenges. She wants to ensure others get the help and support they need if they face issues in the workplace.

Over the years she has witnessed harassment issues which were swept under the rug. She wants to ensure these kinds of issues are dealt with fairly in future.

With the establishment of Unifor at Toyota she wants to get involved with the women’s committee and ensure there are good benefits for women. “Many women struggle with the weird shifts, long hours, finding daycare and many other issues.”