January 23rd, 2014

To: Mr. Jerry Dias, President, Unifor

cc: Mr. Helmut Lense, Director, Automotive and Rubber Industries, IndustriALL Global Union

Dear Mr. Jerry Dias,

Firstly, we would like to express our respects to Unifor for your activities so far and solidarity to you.

Our stance on the organizing of Japanese businesses in foreign countries is universal as follows.

1.   Workers should be organized. To protect worker’s rights, unity among workers is indispensable. It is through constructive labor-management relations that we achieve healthy development of the company, industry, and fair society.

2.   When workers are organized, they should be able to make decisions based on their own will, in a democratic manner, without being interfered by any third party.

3.   When workers are organized, it is desirable that the labor union that organizes them is a member of IndustriALL.

Based on the above stance, we think that organizing at TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.) is expected to be conducted by Unifor, a member of IndustriALL.

We also inform you that all Japanese automakers as well as Toyota have a long history of labor-management relations and have maintained constructive labor-management relations.

In solidarity,


Noriyoshi Gunji General Secretary

Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers° Unions (JAW)

View-well Square, 4-18-21 TAKANAWA MINATO-KU TOKYO, 108-0074 JAPAN Telephone: 03-5447-5811 Facsimile: 03-5447-6628 URL:http://wwwjaw.orjp/e/

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