coverKey concerns identified by Toyota team members and how Unifor will work with you to address them:


Pensions & Benefits

  • Employer-funded pensions and benefits for all team members, including contracts
  • Improved, comprehensive health benefits, without excessive individual costs of flex benefits
  • Pension and benefits in collective agreement, so they cannot be unilaterally changed


Contract Team Members

  • All contract team members should become permanent team members, with a shorter probation period
  • Improved wage progression schedule leading to wage parity
  • Pension, benefits and vacation like other team members, recognizing time already worked


Workplace Representation & Democracy

  • You elect: bargaining committee, workplace representatives and local union leaders
  • You vote on: collective bargaining proposals and collective agreement
  • Regular union-management meetings to address concerns


Health & Safety

  • Full compliance with health and safety laws
  • Adequately resourced and effective health and safety committees
  • Early and safe return to productive employment following injuries



  • Assistance of trained union ergonomics reps
  • Making ergonomics a priority, including modifying the workplace, work station or tools to fit team members
  • Considering TAKT time and staffing levels when addressing ergonomic issues


A Fair Workplace for All

  • Support to address favouritism and harassment
  • Temporary accommodation during pregnancy, and no loss of seniority while on maternity/parental leave


Work-life Balance

  • Banked overtime, with option for overtime pay and/or time off
  • Temporary or permanent shift exchanges for the day, week or on a permanent basis
  • Permanent days or afternoons, especially to accommodate family needs
  • Overtime switching or sharing


Skilled Trades

  • Recognition and protection of journeyperson status and standards
  • No reduction in skill trades team members from contracting out
  • Joint committees on new technology, apprenticeship and training


Transfers & Promotions

  • All jobs to be posted and all team members can apply, with priority to seniority
  • Team members with seniority should be placed in preferred jobs
  • A process for team members to move to jobs in other plants

Read the full Unifor Charter document here.