Unifor has tons of experience in auto plants. In other major auto workplaces, the workers can elect and rely on expert representatives to look after various aspects of work, health and safety in the workplace.

photo-specialist Ergonomics representative: a union representative educated in all aspects of ergonomics regulations, health and safety and repetitive strain injury factors. ‎Language negotiated in most auto agreements allows the ergonomics representative to participate in all job disputes and buy offs of new equipment entering the plant. This specialist works in conjunction with the workplace health and safety committee

Health and Safety Representative: is the head of the workers’ side of the joint health and safety committee. This specialist attends all work refusal meetings. Negotiated language allows them to participate in job dispute processes and have a say on any new equipment entering the plant.

Women’s Advocate: represents female members on women’s issues. Sometimes this specialist is combined with an employment equity position. They address issues of harassment, gender-based discrimination and sometimes violence. They will also uphold the contract on issues important to gender neutrality and removing systemic barriers.

WSIB Placement Representative: this specialist deals with workers WSIB claims. They help workers with appeals and to participate in placements on modified work in the plant. They also help with cases of workplace retraining programs.

Benefits Representative: this specialist helps members with all health and fringe benefit claims.

Pension Representative: helps members with pension questions, gives information on members entitlements and helps retirees ‎with benefits.

Time Standard Representative: this specialist is educated in the different time standard methods used in production. Negotiated language allows their participation in job disputes and timing disputes. They can participates in the joint health and safety committee.

Employment Equity Representative: represents members on harassment issues. This specialist participates in harassment investigations, enforces the equity clauses and the right to refuse on the basisof harassment under the forbidden grounds in the Human Rights Code.

Education coordinator:‎ represents the members as a coordinator of all negotiated work place training.