Everyone benefits to be a member of a union, but women in particular may want to consider the following reasons:

 1. Respect: Joining a union will bring you the respect and dignity you deserve at Toyota.

 2. Better wages: Unionized women make over $6 an hour more than non-unionized women. Women of colour, women with disabilities and aboriginal women are most likely to get lower wages.

 3. Job security: Joining a union will help protect your job and improve your standard of living.

 4. Union women are about twice as likely to get benefits: Of unionized workers, 84% have extended medical leave, 76% are covered by dental plans and 80% have a pension plan. Compared to non-unionized workers’ benefits at 45%, 43% and 27%.

 5. Safer working conditions: The Unifor health and safety department helps workplace committees to fight work-related and injury.

Unifor represents more than 300,000 members, including 86,000. Many women joined Unifor because of our commitment to equality, or programs and our structures that support women in their workplace.