The effort to bring Unifor to Toyota in Canada has been driven by a desire by Team Members to improve things at the company, and to have a say in any changes that are needed in the future.

Throughout the drive, Team Members have discussed many issues of concern to them and their families. For some people, the top concern is arbitrary changes to the pension plan. For others, it’s work-life balance and time off with family. For many, it’s the treatment of contract workers. For still others, it’s ergonomics.

For many, the lack of a voice in how such issues are addressed has been a particular concern.

With so many diverse concerns, Unifor worked with Team Members earlier this year to come up with a Charter for Toyota, released in the spring and included with this newsletter. The Charter tackled the top issues identified by you and your fellow Team Members, and how Unifor can help address them.

The time now has come to look at that Charter again, and check in on how things stand. To read the charter, click here. For a summary, click here.

Simply put, are you better off today than you were a year ago?

Have a look through the charter, and reflect on whether anything has changed on the issues most important to you. Have things improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse?

On pensions, for instance, things have got worse. Once again, Toyota has made arbitrary changes to the pension plan, further limiting the money Team Members can expect after a career with the company – and sending the clear message that more changes are possible between now and your retirement.

  • If pensions are important to you, check out Page 8 of the Charter.
  • Are you mostly concerned about treatment of Contract Workers? That’s also on Page 8. For Health and Safety, go to Page 10.
  • You’ll find Ergonomics on Page 12, Work-Life Balance on Page 13, and Fairness and Flexibility on Pages 13 and 14. Page 14 also deals with Skilled Trades issues.
  • And, if having a say in any of these issues is your big concern, look at Page 9.

Once you’ve done that, talk to your fellow Team Members about these issues, and let us know how things stand today, compared with a year ago, from your perspective. You can do that in a few ways:

And, to make a difference on the issue most important to you, sign a card.