Toyota Team Members deserve to know what their legal rights are, in the wake of Toyota’s decision to move production of the Corolla to Mexico.

And Unifor is providing the answers.

We put several questions to Unifor Lawyer Anthony Dale, who is also director of Unifor’s Legal Department. His answers are below.

You can also ask Dale more questions at two upcoming telephone town halls that Unifor is holding for Toyota Team Members. Also on the town halls will be Unifor National President Jerry Dias, Unifor Chief economist Jim Stanford, and Unifor Research Director Bill Murnighan.

For more information on the town halls, click here.

Until then, here is a Q&A with Anthony Dale:

What law governs how layoffs are handled in Ontario?

Toyota is allowed to lay off non-union employees without any restriction. Toyota might be required by the Employment Standards Act to pay termination pay or severance pay if the layoff is long or permanent.

If there are layoffs, will workers with the least seniority be laid off first?

Toyota does not have to lay off non-union workers in any particular order. Toyota can pick and choose who to lay off, regardless of seniority.

Can Toyota keep contract workers and lay off full time workers?

Yes. Toyota has no obligation to keep full-time employees.

If there are layoffs because of the Corolla moving to Mexico, could workers in Cambridge South and Woodstock be laid off?

Yes. Toyota has the legal right to move workers away from Corolla production, and lay off workers in other plants. It can do what it wants.

If I am laid off, what would my severance pay be?

If the layoff is classified as temporary, you would not be entitled to any termination pay or severance pay. If it is a long or permanent layoff, you might be entitled to termination pay of one week of pay for every year of employment (usually to a maximum of only eight weeks). You would also be entitled to severance pay of one week of pay for every year of employment. So if you have worked at Toyota for 20 years, you would get 20 weeks of severance pay in a lump sum. The maximum is 26 weeks of severance pay. So, if you’ve been at Toyota for 28 years, you still would get only 26 weeks of severance pay.

If I am laid off, would I have any recall rights?

No. Non-union workers have no right to be recalled automatically to your old job. If Toyota starts hiring again, you would have to apply as a new worker and start all over again.