In an editorial today, the Waterloo Region Record demanded that Toyota Canada President Brian Krinock give Team Members — and their community — straight answers on what lies ahead after Toyota’s decision to move Corolla production to Mexico.

“Name for us — and your workers — the car that will be built in Cambridge. Tell us how many vehicles of the new model you plan to build each year, and how that compares with the number of Corollas that have been rolling out of the plant. Tell us how much the company will spend refitting the plant. Let us know if production will be more automated than it is now. Most of all, tell us what will happen to the 3,000 workers who currently make Corollas in Cambridge, ” the editorial said.

The editorial echoes the warnings of Unifor President Jerry Dias that a large-volume vehicle such as the Corolla translates into more jobs, and more job security.

“The Corolla’s a sure money-maker and depends on a large workforce. In comparison, sales volumes of the high-end vehicle Krinock was so enthusiastically touting may be a lot smaller — and need fewer workers to put it together,” the editorial says.

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