For nearly two months, Team Members have been asking the company for answers about their future after Toyota decided to move production of the Corolla to Mexico.

On Monday, they got a very odd and inadequate response – a flyer put out by the Ontario government that tells Team Members nothing about their key questions around severance or recall provisions, pointing them to a website instead.

That’s not good enough. Toyota can and must do better.

Unifor has done better. We’ve had lawyers reviewing the law and we can tell you that all you’ll find on the web site Toyota wants you to look up are laws that say the company has no responsibility to Team Members on how they are laid off or what happens to them when they are.

Team Members deserve better. You deserve to know what will replace the Corolla, how many jobs it will require, who will get those jobs and what happens to everyone else.

In the eight weeks since its announcement, Toyota has had plenty of time to do more for Team Members than photocopy a generic flyer from the government and hand it out. It should have used that time to come up with some real answers.

Unifor has been answering your questions, and will continue to do so. We are here for you.

Sign your card, and gain a voice. It’s your future.