Skilled Trades Team members at TMMC are exercising their right to form a union, and are well on their way to joining Unifor.

A few TMs in Cambridge and Woodstock may have already heard about this, so let’s address some of the issues involved.

We can expect TMMC to oppose this effort with high-priced lawyers and union-busting tactics. Unifor has its own legal team that will fight for TM’s and our right to unionize. With a strong and united front, we shall overcome any TMMC objections.

Please note that the labour board vote must occur within five days of our union application, regardless of any legal challenge initiated by TMMC. We get the results of the vote when the legal proceedings are concluded.


Why are the Trades unionizing?

If Skilled Trade TMs had a say, these are the top three items we would improve at TMMC:

  1. Increase Respect and Fairness: TMMC considers Skilled Trades to be “non-value” added, which is an insult in addition to being false. Without the skill and hard work of Skilled Trades TMs, the production lines would stop tomorrow. By standing together as one, Skilled Trade TMs increase their power and win the respect they deserve.
  2. Protect our jobs: Globally, Toyota is using more and more temporary skilled trade workers to do the work of permanent employees through an aggressive outsourcing program. Not only do Skilled Trades TMs believe this is an inefficient business model in the long run, it is also a danger to our careers, families and communities. A union contract provides an opportunity to increase job security.
  3. Have a Voice: Union contract bargaining ensures that all Skilled Trades TMs will have a say in wages, benefits, and trade working conditions on a regular basis. It gives them a legal right to grieve improper trades’ practices, pay rates, health and safety issues, protect health and pension benefits, discipline etc. A union ensures that problems, issues, and concerns will not be side stepped, but must be dealt with in very specific legal time limits.

What can you do to help?

Contact Josh Coles at if you, or someone you know, is looking for answers.