Unifor application for Toyota Maintenance Workers

CAMBRIDGE, June 17, 2016

Unifor has filed a unionization application for the maintenance employees of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario. A majority of maintenance workers at three Toyota plants have petitioned the Ontario Labour Relations Board to conduct a secret-ballot vote to complete the union certification process.

“This is an important step in Toyota workers’ long campaign to have a seat at the bargaining table in Canada’s auto industry,” said Unifor Director of Organizing, John Aman. “Unifor is applying for one component of the workforce, the maintenance, meanwhile production employees will continue with their own campaign.”

Normally manufacturing workers must make an application to the Ontario Labour Relations Board as a single group but Unifor is confident that, in this case, the Board will determine that the maintenance component can unionize separately.

“After hearing all the facts, we are confident the Board and Toyota will want to count the ballots,” said Electrician Ken Cleveland, a Unifor supporter at Toyota.

Unifor expects the ballots to be counted following hearings which will be held in the comings months.

“Ensuring that we have the maintenance’s expertise to make some of the best cars in the world only makes Toyota stronger” said Aman. “We’re hopeful that today’s application will help improve relations between Toyota and its employees.”


Unifor is Canada’s largest union in the private sector, representing more than 310,000 workers.

For further information: please contact Unifor Director of Organizing, John Aman at john.aman@unifor.org  or  416-275-6381(cell).