This campaign is a reflection of the commitment of Toyota team members to building secure futures for their families and stronger, more prosperous communities in which to raise their families.

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Toyota team members are leading this campaign themselves, with help from Unifor members at other auto plants in southwestern Ontario.

They are doing this because they are proud that Toyota is part of their community, and proud that they make some of the company’s best-selling vehicles – and so are helping to make Toyota such a successful company.

And they are doing this because they believe that you and your co-workers deserve to share in that success and to have a strong voice in your workplace.

Thousands of your co-workers have already signed a Unifor membership card, and more are coming in every day. They, too, want to share in Toyota’s success and a voice in the workplace. They are proud to be at Toyota, and know that Unifor will give them a way to work with the company to build on Toyota’s successes.

If you haven’t already, sign a union card today to show your support for joining Unifor. And then we can start the work of making Toyota an even better place to work and our communities even better places to live.

90 per cent of Toyota facilities outside of North America are unionized. Why not us?

This year to date Toyota earned about $12.5 billion in revenue. 2012 was Toyota’s best year in production in Canada, with 519,000 units from both plants. Toyota is here to stay.