The Voting Times – Issue 1

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Bargaining – No one takes a step back

As we ring in the New Year with excitement of the strength of your organizing drive, we congratulate your achievements over the past year and look forward to taking your campaign to the next level. Your goals are very clear – bringing a stronger voice to the workplace, a voice of the workers and the ability to have a say […]

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Show Me the Money

It’s like getting a little help with your holiday celebration.
At this time of year we look to our wallets a little more closely, to buy the things that make loved ones feel the cheer.

Turns out, the difference throughout the year in what a Unifor member and Toyota auto worker earns is enough to ease the sting of this costly holiday […]

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Have Your Say!

As the campaign continues to gain momentum and cards are enthusiastically being handed in at the driveways, our support climbs.We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to fill out a new Unifor (Blue ) card and returned it through an organizer or through the mail this information helps us as the union drive gets stronger to […]

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Contract Workers Deserve Parity

Toyota is clearly a dynamic cost efficient enterprise, just as they were when they began production way back in 1988. In the years that followed,we sawthe automaker building high quality products, at competitive prices and at standard costs. They matched the wages and benefits negotiated by the workers of the Detroit 3 in an attempt to take away the incentive […]

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Unifor: The Union for Toyota

What is Unifor?
By now most of you are aware of the formation of our new union Unifor. The joining together of the CAWand CEP (Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union) creates a new union of over 300,000 members representing 33major sectors in Canada. Organizing is a key mandate and
commitment of Unifor. […]

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Standing Together For Fairness

It’s clearer than ever before: Toyota workers want fairness for all! The fact that somany of you have taken that important step to stand together and openly show your support for the union is testament to your desire to get the same deal – or better – that CAMI workers just negotiated.

Now you will see that yes, YOU HAVE THE […]

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Momentum Gains with Unifor and Toyota Workers

Unifor membership cards are returning to our office at an astonishing rate! You and your coworkers are making a difference as you continue to prove that a union contract is the only way to bring fairness and respect to your workplace.

Unifor President Jerry Dias recently attended a meeting of Toyota workers and gave the union’s full commitment to achieving a […]

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