BACKGROUND — Cambridge named Toyota’s leadplant for Corolla

In an article for, a division of the Toronto Star, TMMC chairman Ray Tanguay said that while Toyota manufactures the Corolla at eight plants around the world, the Cambridge plant was selected to be the leadplant worldwide.

“In his words, the input from the Canadian team was ‘huge’,” the February 13, 2015 article says.

“The latest Corolla has been a huge success […]

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BACKGROUND — Mexica president to be at announcment

The Reuters news agency reported April 14, 2015, that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto would be at an event in Guanajuato, Mexico, the next day to announce plans for a new Toyota plant in the country to build the Corolla.

A Toyota spokesperson, however, continued to say no decision had been made.

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BACKGROUND — Canada to get larger vehicle?

A story published in the Mexico News Daily on April 2, 2015, said Toyota would soon announce a Mexico plant with a capacity to build 200,000 Corollas a year by 2019.

The new plant would operate around the clock, and build a new version of the Corolla sedan.

The Cambridge plant now building the Corolla would be converted to building “larger vehicles.”

To […]

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Health and safety, right to refuse training

Unifor has set up a number of workshops in the coming weeks for Toyota Team Members, where you can find out more about your rights — particularly Health and Safety and your Right to Refuse.

The sessions are taking place at the Workers’ Action Centres set up by Unifor in both Woodstock and Kitchener:

Monday, April 6, 430pm-6pm at the Unifor Local […]

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BACKGROUND — Mexico production to begin in 2019

The Reuters news agency reported March 22 that Toyota executives had recently toured several potential sites for a new assembly plant in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, where the Corolla was expected to be built.

Citing unnamed sources, the story said the Toyota Board of Directors was set to approve the new plant at its meeting in April. The company […]

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BACKGROUND – Corolla decision expected was predicted for this year

There was a flurry of news stories in late 2014 after the Reuters news agency reported that Toyota was scouting factory locations in Mexico to build Corolla sedans.

Much of the coverage speculated on what this could mean for TMMC’s Cambridge operations.

Greg Mordue, general manager of Toyota’s Canadian operations, told CTV News at the time that no final decisions had been […]

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BACKGROUND – Corolla decision delayed in September 2014

The Automotive News reported in September 2014 that Toyota was reconsidering whether to set up an assembly plant in Mexico.

No final decision was expected before the end of the year, and none came before 2014 came to a close – despite rumours.

The decision was reportedly delayed at that time after top Toyota brass asked for a review of the plans.

One […]

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Mexico rumours show need for Unifor

The rumours circulating that Toyota seems to be looking for sites in Mexico to build an assembly plant underscore why Team Members at the company’s plants in Canada need Unifor representation.

“Changes in product lines at a production facility are a normal part of the evolution of a plant,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

“Unifor has experience handling the shift of […]

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Video: Danny Glover Supports Toyota Workers


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Family Education Program Sends Thanks and Support



Every year, Unifor receives families at the Port Elgin Family Education Centre for a packed union education program. This year, the families who participated drafted a letter to express their support to Toyota Team Members who are currently organizing to join Unifor. Read their letter below:

July 11th, 2014Dear Brothers & Sisters of Toyota,

We, the participants of the Unifor Family Education […]

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