Unifor Celebrates Canada Day in Cambridge

Unifor members and supporters marched in the Cambridge Canada Day parade on Tuesday July 1st. The parade marched on despite threats of thunderstorms, and hundreds of people attended the parade. Unifor was proud to take part in this great community event and welcome members from many Unifor workplaces in Cambridge. Unifor’s crowd of 50 red Unifor shirts wished all a […]

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Come join the Pride festivities!

Unifor is getting ready for a busy and exciting pride season. This year is an important and historic year for the LGBT members in Unifor. Not only is Toronto hosting World Pride, where thousands of people from all around the world will gather in the city, but it is the first opportunity that we have had to show off our […]

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You’re invited to the Cambridge Canada Day Parade!

Unifor is proud to have a spot in the Cambridge Canada Day Parade, which takes place on – you guessed it! — July 1st!

On July 1st, Unifor members will meet between Noon and 12:30pm at 150 Chopin Street, Cambridge, ON. This address is a Beer Store, which will be closed for the holiday, and it has a good parking lot. From […]

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How Unifor helps build a safe and respectful workplace

Joining a union is about having the ability to negotiate language in a collective agreement requiring a respectful and harassment-free workplace, and processes for investigating and resolving issues when they come up – whether the problem is with a manager or a co-worker.

Unfair and inconsistent treatment of workers, along with harassment, is a poison on any workplace.

Too often, it gets […]

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Top five reason women should join a union

Everyone benefits to be a member of a union, but women in particular may want to consider the following reasons:

 1. Respect: Joining a union will bring you the respect and dignity you deserve at Toyota.

 2. Better wages: Unionized women make over $6 an hour more than non-unionized women. Women of colour, women with disabilities and aboriginal women are most likely […]

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Specialists at your service

Unifor has tons of experience in auto plants. In other major auto workplaces, the workers can elect and rely on expert representatives to look after various aspects of work, health and safety in the workplace.

Ergonomics representative: a union representative educated in all aspects of ergonomics regulations, health and safety and repetitive strain injury factors. ‎Language negotiated in most auto […]

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Prevention is Key in Ergonomics

The hardest part wasn’t the constant pain. It wasn’t the frustration of trying for years to switch jobs to prevent his repetitive strain injury from worsening. It wasn’t even the month without pay waiting for WSIB to come through.

“The hardest part was, I couldn’t pick up my daughter,” says Dan Pereira, a 10-year team member at the Cambridge South plant.

“We […]

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Unifor-Toyota Charter Highlights: Workplace representation & democracy

Union representation and democratic processes will enhance team members’ capacity to participate in making decisions that protect everyone’s interests at work. Unifor will focus on ensuring that you have a voice.

● You will elect your:

– Bargaining committee
– Workplace representatives
– Specialized representatives (such as: health and safety, ergonomic, skilled trades and benefits)
– Local union leaders

● You will vote on:

– Your collective […]

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Unifor Gives You A Voice For A Strong Future

Team members committed to a strong future for Toyota in Canada know that having a union in the plants will only help strengthen the company.

That’s because having a union gives you a voice in the workplace, and a chance to raise concerns or bring up new ideas that could help the company, without fear of retaliation and with the confidence […]

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The Unifor Toyota Charter: Building a made-for-Toyota agreement

Key concerns identified by Toyota team members and how Unifor will work with you to address them:


Pensions & Benefits

Employer-funded pensions and benefits for all team members, including contracts
Improved, comprehensive health benefits, without excessive individual costs of flex benefits
Pension and benefits in collective agreement, so they cannot be unilaterally changed


Contract Team Members

All contract team members should become permanent team members, with […]

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