BACKGROUND — Canada to get larger vehicle?

A story published in the Mexico News Daily on April 2, 2015, said Toyota would soon announce a Mexico plant with a capacity to build 200,000 Corollas a year by 2019.

The new plant would operate around the clock, and build a new version of the Corolla sedan.

The Cambridge plant now building the Corolla would be converted to building “larger vehicles.”

To […]

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OT program a model for Toyota

Unifor has negotiated a new overtime plan at the CAMI Automotive plant that could be a model for addressing a key issue among Toyota Team Members – time off with family.

Basically, the plan allows workers to bank their overtime as time owing, instead of taking it as cash. The program is completely optional, and those preferring cash can still take […]

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A Charter Check-In

The effort to bring Unifor to Toyota in Canada has been driven by a desire by Team Members to improve things at the company, and to have a say in any changes that are needed in the future.

Throughout the drive, Team Members have discussed many issues of concern to them and their families. For some people, the top concern is […]

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International union backs Unifor at Toyota

IndustriALL Global Union, a federation of industrial unions around the world, is calling on Toyota Canada to stop interfering with its Team Members’ right to join a union.
“We are disappointed about reports that TMMC has interfered with and opposed efforts by its Canadian employees to unionize, a right recognized by Canadian and international law,” IndustriALL General Secretary Jyrki Raina […]

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Toyota cuts pensions, again

In an unexpected move, Toyota has reduced the value of the pensions promised to its team members by cutting the indexing of the benefits, despite record profits and the pension plan being very healthy.
It’s the kind of unilateral move the company could not make with a union in place. In a unionized workplace, any changes to compensation, including pensions, must […]

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Mexico rumours show need for Unifor

The rumours circulating that Toyota seems to be looking for sites in Mexico to build an assembly plant underscore why Team Members at the company’s plants in Canada need Unifor representation.

“Changes in product lines at a production facility are a normal part of the evolution of a plant,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

“Unifor has experience handling the shift of […]

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Help take the Unifor campaign to the next level!

Despite a message from TMMC President saying he wants us to have a vote, they filed a 54 page objection to holding the vote. TMMC has made it clear that they are opposing this vote, and they are not addressing our concerns.

Toyota has also released its employee list. The number of employees on the list is much larger than the […]

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Unifor campaign escalates

April 3, 2014 5 p.m.

(Kitchener) Today Unifor announced it will escalate its campaign to unionize Toyota.

Unifor announced that while it is withdrawing its Labour Board application to become the bargaining agent for team members at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, the labour union remains committed to working with Toyota team members to form a union and improve working conditions at the […]

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We did it!

Thanks to your support, and many months of hard work by Toyota team members, we are happy to announce that Unifor has filed to be the certified bargaining agent for TMMC workers.

Unifor filed the application on Monday, March 31. In the coming days, the Ontario Labour Relations Board will be informing us when the vote will take place. Normally, the […]

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Unifor’s Women’s Advocate program

A Women’s Advocate is a specially trained workplace representative who assists women with concerns such as workplace harassment, intimate violence and abuse. The Women’s Advocate is not a counsellor but rather provides support for women accessing community and workplace resources.

These specially-trained, easy to contact workplace representatives have been instrumental in creating healthier workplaces and safer communities. We work closely with […]

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