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Meet Toyota Worker Stephen Hogue!

Stephen has been at Toyota for 11 years, being full time for 10 years. He works in Lexus Assembly, on the Final Line. Stephen is 34 years old and lives in Cambridge.
“We would not enjoy the compensation and benefits that we do at Toyota, without our unionized counterparts at GM, Ford and Chrysler negotiating these things for us. It’s time […]

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Meet Toyota Worker Michelle Spruce!

Michelle has been a worker at Toyota for six years. She works in Woodstock in the Underbody – West Weld deparment.

 Why she supports Unifor

Getting involved in the organizing drive has allowed her to meet lots of good people who have important and interesting stories to tell about working at Toyota. “Everybody has a good story.” She has learned a lot […]

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Meet Toyota Worker John Cordeiro!

John Works at the South Plant, QC in Audit (Emissions dept.). He has spent 26 years working at Toyota as of May 2, 2014.

Why he supports Unifor

He is concerned that as TMMC has grown it has lost touch with the issues on the floor and TMs have lost their voice. “We have about the same amount of staff handling TM […]

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One Toyota contract worker speaks out

Hi, my name is Paviter (Sam) Ghuman. I was born and raised in England, UK and have been living in Canada for approximately 3 years. I live in Guelph with my wife and two children.

I have worked in the automotive industry for 10 years – for BMW Group – before becoming a teacher of Business and Information Technology. I came to Canada for a new life and to continue to teach but have had no luck getting myself a suitable post. I applied and successfully got accepted to work for TMMC. I have now been at TMMC just under one year. I was so excited when I started here. I have worked hard and found the management have been supportive to me especially in times of need.

However, I have been shocked at certain aspects of TMMC, especially how the contract worker situation is currently set up. I come from a place where most large organizations, especially the size and status of TMMC, are unionized. For me, it is just unreal that TMMC is not unionized. I did not realize there was such a difference between contract and permanent workers. The ten year pay scale, the limited benefits (FYI – I brush my teeth 6 times in a day), the lack of holidays just seems so so bizarre. When I told my friends and family back in England, they thought I was joking – in fact they still don’t believe me!

I was very proud to work for BMW Group and I am equally proud to work for TMMC. I work with some great people and want to be part of the company’s future growth and success. The long term success and future of the Cambridge and Woodstock plants are in everybody’s interest. Success does not only mean dollars and profit for Toyota, but success should also be for the hard-working employees of these plants who work so tirelessly and sacrifice so much personal and family time to be part of this success. Employees do not just want to be seen working on the line but they want and need to be heard. Without Unifor, the voices are falling on deaf ears.

The gulf between the contract worker and permanent worker is immense. I understand and respect service but issues like pay, benefits, the length of time on contract and holidays need to be addressed. So many contract employees are so proud to be hired by and work at TMMC, they just want and deserve more than they are currently getting.

Finally I would like to say that I am privileged to work for TMMC as it is a great place to work. But with the help and input of Unifor, it could be an awesome place to work. It is time to make the decision that will change your working lives – it is NOW OR NEVER for you to get off the fence, don’t be afraid, don’t let the horror stories scare you, vote for yourself, vote for your future, vote for your children, vote for your families – vote YES for Unifor!

Thank you,

Paviter (Sam) Ghuman



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Meet Toyota Worker Mitch Robinson!

Mitch has been at Toyota 10 years and he works in assembly on the door line. He works at the Cambridge south assembly plant. Mitch is 32-years-old and lives in Guelph.
 Why he supports Unifor
“I am seeing a downward trend in our compensation, our benefits and wages. I am worried that cuts to full-time workers will be next and I want […]

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Meet Toyota Worker Denton Schriver!

Denton has worked at Toyota for 19 years and is now in assembly materials unloading freight coming into the plant. He works in Cambridge, is 45 years old and lives in Cambridge.
Why he supports Unifor
“We need a voice. When it comes to a lot of the issues on the floor the company just changes things without input from us,” said […]

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Meet Toyota Worker Carmen Nixon!

Carmen has worked at Toyota since 2010. She is a full time worker and chooses parts that are sent to the assembly line. She Works in Woodstock, is 30 years old and lives in Paris, ON.
Why she supports Unifor
“There are so many reasons, but I think we need to set an example in bargaining. I think we need to ask […]

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Meet Toyota Worker Norman Proctor!

Norman has been at Toyota for four years and works in SPS picking parts for vehicles. He is 36 years old and works in Woodstock.
Why he support Unifor
“It would be fairer here if we had a union. I want a pension in writing, I want a time study done (on workplace ergonomics), I want a voice in the workplace. We […]

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Meet Toyota Worker Chris Roung!

Chris has worked at Toyota 16 years, drives vehicles on to rail cars. He works in Woodstock. He is 41 years old, lives in St. George, outside Brantford.

“I just think we need fair treatment and we need support in the plant. When you look at things like ergonomics and how we are treated — its a real sticking point for […]

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Meet Toyota Worker Cindy Venier!

Cindy has worked at Toyota 10 years, works in quality group inspecting vehicles for quality at different points in the production cycle. She works at the Cambridge, south assembly plant. She is 44 years old and lives in Elmira.

Why she supports Unifor
There are too many reasons to list,” she laughs. But basically, she said, I want everyone to be treated […]

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