Unifor Members bargain big wins from GM

In negotiations with GM, the Unifor bargaining committees stood together to reach our priority objectives and we made gains. The Agreement reached with GM is a victory for the entire auto industry.

With Unifor, Toyota team […]

Unifor is fighting for the future of auto in Canada

As a valuable Toyota employee, Unifor wants to keep you informed on what the union is doing to secure the future of Canada’s auto sector.

Currently Unifor is in bargaining with the Detroit Three – Fiat […]

Unifor continues its support for Toyota workers

Unifor pledges to continue supporting Toyota workers trying to organize after a first union vote took place at Toyota plants in Cambridge and Woodstock last week. Unifor had filed an application for certification to represent […]

It’s time to Vote Yes!

A unionization vote will be held for TMMC Maintenance (Skilled Trades) Workers on:

Friday June 24, 2016, 5:15am-9:45am; 5:30pm-6:30pm

Monday June 27, 2016, 5:15am-945am; 5:30pm-7:00pm


The Labour Board has ordered the votes to be counted June 29


The vote […]

Unifor Application for Toyota Maintenance Workers

Unifor application for Toyota Maintenance Workers

CAMBRIDGE, June 17, 2016

Unifor has filed a unionization application for the maintenance employees of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario. A majority of maintenance […]

Unifor Auto Council calls for new investment in Canada

Meeting in advance of the start of bargaining with the Detroit Three auto companies this summer, delegates to the Unifor Auto Council voted unanimously to make new investments in Canada, including new product allocations, the […]

Campaign Update: The Trades are Uniting!

Skilled Trades Team members at TMMC are exercising their right to form a union, and are well on their way to joining Unifor.

A few TMs in Cambridge and Woodstock may have already heard about this, […]

An odd and inadequate response from Toyota

For nearly two months, Team Members have been asking the company for answers about their future after Toyota decided to move production of the Corolla to Mexico.

On Monday, they got a very odd and inadequate […]

Rally planned as union activity increases

The Waterloo Region Record is reporting today that there has been increased interest among Toyota Team Members in joining Unifor since the company decided to move Corolla production to Mexico.

“The drive to unionize the Toyota […]

Unifor Family Fun Day and Rally

Unifor is holding a Rally and a Family Fun Day on Saturday, May 30 – to demand answers from Toyota about what is next for the Cambridge North plant, and to give Team Members and […]

Corolla move boosts Unifor drive

The respected industry publication Automotive News is reporting today that Toyota’s decision to move production of the Corolla to Mexico is giving a boost to efforts to bring Unifor to the company’s plants.

“Here they are, […]

First town hall hears Team Members’ concerns

Team Members taking part in Unifor’s telephone town hall Sunday afternoon expressed deep concern about Toyota’s decision to move production of the Corolla to Mexico.

“People deserve real answers so they can plan their lives,” Unifor […]

Telephone Town Halls

Unifor is holding two telephone town Halls this coming Sunday, and the following Tuesday, to answer any questions Team Members might have about what Toyota’s decision to move production of the Corolla to Mexico means […]

Legal questions answered

Toyota Team Members deserve to know what their legal rights are, in the wake of Toyota’s decision to move production of the Corolla to Mexico.

And Unifor is providing the answers.

We put several questions to Unifor […]

Team Members deserve answers

In an editorial today, the Waterloo Region Record demanded that Toyota Canada President Brian Krinock give Team Members — and their community — straight answers on what lies ahead after Toyota’s decision to move Corolla production […]

Corolla shows why Canada needs an auto policy

With no comprehensive or deliberate plan to keep automakers in this country, or attract more, Mexico is stepping into the void and seeing more and more plants built.

That’s why Unifor has been pushing for an […]

New vehicle can’t have same volume as Corolla

Toyota workers feel “betrayed” by the company’s decision to move Corolla production from Cambridge to Mexico, Unifor National President Jerry Dias told the Windsor Star.

“The workers are furious, and for good reason,” said Dias, warning […]

Corolla moves to Mexico

Toyota officially announced in Tokyo this morning that it is shifting production of the Corolla from Cambridge to Mexico.

The new plant is expected to open in 2019, and cost $1 billion.

The company also said its […]

BACKGROUND — Canadians love their Corolla

The Corolla’s popularity in Canada has only grown since the company started manufacturing the vehicle in Cambridge in the late 1980s, as an article on wheel.ca, a division of the Toronto Star examines.

“Canadians have made […]

BACKGROUND — Cambridge named Toyota’s leadplant for Corolla

In an article for wheels.ca, a division of the Toronto Star, TMMC chairman Ray Tanguay said that while Toyota manufactures the Corolla at eight plants around the world, the Cambridge plant was selected to be the […]

BACKGROUND — Mexica president to be at announcment

The Reuters news agency reported April 14, 2015, that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto would be at an event in Guanajuato, Mexico, the next day to announce plans for a new Toyota plant in the […]

BACKGROUND — Canada to get larger vehicle?

A story published in the Mexico News Daily on April 2, 2015, said Toyota would soon announce a Mexico plant with a capacity to build 200,000 Corollas a year by 2019.

The new plant would operate […]

Health and safety, right to refuse training

Unifor has set up a number of workshops in the coming weeks for Toyota Team Members, where you can find out more about your rights — particularly Health and Safety and your Right to Refuse.

The […]

BACKGROUND — Mexico production to begin in 2019

The Reuters news agency reported March 22 that Toyota executives had recently toured several potential sites for a new assembly plant in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, where the Corolla was expected to be […]

BACKGROUND – Corolla decision expected was predicted for this year

There was a flurry of news stories in late 2014 after the Reuters news agency reported that Toyota was scouting factory locations in Mexico to build Corolla sedans.

Much of the coverage speculated on what this […]

BACKGROUND – Corolla decision delayed in September 2014

The Automotive News reported in September 2014 that Toyota was reconsidering whether to set up an assembly plant in Mexico.

No final decision was expected before the end of the year, and none came before 2014 […]

OT program a model for Toyota

Unifor has negotiated a new overtime plan at the CAMI Automotive plant that could be a model for addressing a key issue among Toyota Team Members – time off with family.

Basically, the plan allows workers […]

A Charter Check-In

The effort to bring Unifor to Toyota in Canada has been driven by a desire by Team Members to improve things at the company, and to have a say in any changes that are needed […]

International union backs Unifor at Toyota

IndustriALL Global Union, a federation of industrial unions around the world, is calling on Toyota Canada to stop interfering with its Team Members’ right to join a union.
“We are disappointed about reports that TMMC […]

The Voting Times — Issue 16

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Toyota cuts pensions, again

In an unexpected move, Toyota has reduced the value of the pensions promised to its team members by cutting the indexing of the benefits, despite record profits and the pension plan being very healthy.
It’s the […]

Mexico rumours show need for Unifor

The rumours circulating that Toyota seems to be looking for sites in Mexico to build an assembly plant underscore why Team Members at the company’s plants in Canada need Unifor representation.

“Changes in product lines at […]

The Voting Times — Issue 15

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The Voting Times–Issue 14

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Video: Danny Glover Supports Toyota Workers


Family Education Program Sends Thanks and Support



Every year, Unifor receives families at the Port Elgin Family Education Centre for a packed union education program. This year, the families who participated drafted a letter to express their support to Toyota Team Members […]

Unifor Celebrates Canada Day in Cambridge

Unifor members and supporters marched in the Cambridge Canada Day parade on Tuesday July 1st. The parade marched on despite threats of thunderstorms, and hundreds of people attended the parade. Unifor was proud to take […]

The Voting Times — Issue 13

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Come join the Pride festivities!

Unifor is getting ready for a busy and exciting pride season. This year is an important and historic year for the LGBT members in Unifor. Not only is Toronto hosting World Pride, where thousands of […]

You’re invited to the Cambridge Canada Day Parade!

Unifor is proud to have a spot in the Cambridge Canada Day Parade, which takes place on – you guessed it! — July 1st!

On July 1st, Unifor members will meet between Noon and 12:30pm at 150 […]

How Unifor helps build a safe and respectful workplace

Joining a union is about having the ability to negotiate language in a collective agreement requiring a respectful and harassment-free workplace, and processes for investigating and resolving issues when they come up – whether the […]

Top five reason women should join a union

Everyone benefits to be a member of a union, but women in particular may want to consider the following reasons:

 1. Respect: Joining a union will bring you the respect and dignity you deserve at Toyota.

 2. […]

Specialists at your service

Unifor has tons of experience in auto plants. In other major auto workplaces, the workers can elect and rely on expert representatives to look after various aspects of work, health and safety in the workplace.


Meet Toyota Worker Stephen Hogue!

Stephen has been at Toyota for 11 years, being full time for 10 years. He works in Lexus Assembly, on the Final Line. Stephen is 34 years old and lives in Cambridge.
“We would not enjoy […]

Prevention is Key in Ergonomics

The hardest part wasn’t the constant pain. It wasn’t the frustration of trying for years to switch jobs to prevent his repetitive strain injury from worsening. It wasn’t even the month without pay waiting for […]

The Voting Times — Issue 12

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The Voting Times– Issue 11

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Meet Toyota Worker Michelle Spruce!

Michelle has been a worker at Toyota for six years. She works in Woodstock in the Underbody – West Weld deparment.

 Why she supports Unifor

Getting involved in the organizing drive has allowed her to meet lots […]

Unifor-Toyota Charter Highlights: Workplace representation & democracy

Union representation and democratic processes will enhance team members’ capacity to participate in making decisions that protect everyone’s interests at work. Unifor will focus on ensuring that you have a voice.

● You will elect your:

– […]

Meet Toyota Worker John Cordeiro!

John Works at the South Plant, QC in Audit (Emissions dept.). He has spent 26 years working at Toyota as of May 2, 2014.

Why he supports Unifor

He is concerned that as TMMC has grown it […]

The Voting Times – Issue 10

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Unifor Gives You A Voice For A Strong Future

Team members committed to a strong future for Toyota in Canada know that having a union in the plants will only help strengthen the company.

That’s because having a union gives you a voice in the […]

The Voting Times – Issue 9

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The Voting Times — Issue 8

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The Unifor Toyota Charter: Building a made-for-Toyota agreement

Key concerns identified by Toyota team members and how Unifor will work with you to address them:


Pensions & Benefits

Employer-funded pensions and benefits for all team members, including contracts
Improved, comprehensive health benefits, without excessive individual costs […]

Questions and answers on joining Unifor

Fellow team members,

We understand that team members have received a lot of information from Toyota, from Unifor, and from other team members. Obviously it is important that we all make an informed decision. As your […]

Campaign Enters Exciting New Phase

Fresh energy has been pumped into the campaign to unionize Toyota team members this past week as the campaign has moved to sign up more members in order to get to a vote as soon […]

Radio ad: I’m signing a card!

Flyer: We will do it!

Toyota team members are on the cusp of achieving a great victory that will secure a bright future for Toyota and team members.

Download the flyer

Toyota worker Ken Cleveland speaks on CBC radio

Toyota worker Ken Cleveland is interviewed on CBC radio:

Support Letter from the Japan Automobile Workers’ Unions

January 23rd, 2014
To: Mr. Jerry Dias, President, Unifor

cc: Mr. Helmut Lense, Director, Automotive and Rubber Industries, IndustriALL Global Union

Dear Mr. Jerry Dias,

Firstly, we would like to express our respects to […]

Toyota workers rally to celebrate important milestone

 Toyota team members and their supporters rallied with a renewed sense of purpose on Friday, celebrating a new phase in the campaign to organize a union in their workplace.

Roughly 100 Toyota team members and Unifor […]

Help take the Unifor campaign to the next level!

Despite a message from TMMC President saying he wants us to have a vote, they filed a 54 page objection to holding the vote. TMMC has made it clear that they are opposing this vote, […]

You’re invited: Sunday open house!

Unifor is hosting an open house to for all Toyota team members working at the TMMC plants in Cambridge and Woodstock.

Join us at this family-friendly event to learn more about Unifor and what a made-for-Toyota […]

Help take the Unifor campaign to the next level!

Today we announced that the campaign to unionize Toyota will escalate. We’ll be turning up our efforts to ensure we’re in touch with every single team member.

Despite a message from TMMC President saying he wants […]

Unifor campaign escalates

April 3, 2014 5 p.m.

(Kitchener) Today Unifor announced it will escalate its campaign to unionize Toyota.

Unifor announced that while it is withdrawing its Labour Board application to become the bargaining agent for team members at […]

Unifor for a strong, sustainable auto industry: Open letter from Jerry Dias

April 3, 2014

Dear Ray Tanguay, Chairman – Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

Earlier this week, your company indicated its hope that Toyota team members would be able to have an informed debate about joining Unifor. And yet, […]

Support letter from IndustriALL Global Union

IndustriALL Global Union Encourages Toyota Workers to Vote YES
to Unifor Representation at the Toyota plants in Canada
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I am sending you a warm greeting on behalf of IndustriALL Global Union , which represents […]

VIDEO: We’re Voting Yes!

Toyota team members have lots of great reasons for wanting to join Unifor. We asked and they told us. Check it out here and be sure to share with your co-workers, friends and family.

Why are […]

Support Letter from the UAW

March 13, 2014

Jerry DiasNational PresidentUNIFOR205 Placer CourtToronto, ON, M2H 3H9CANADA
Dear President-Dias:- –
On behalf of the more than one million active and retired members […]

New Radio Ad: Vote Yes!

Building a made-for-Toyota agreement

By working together, we will create a made-for-Toyota agreement – building on your existing conditions and industry standards to reflect your specific situation and concerns at Toyota. The items contained within this document outline key […]

Calling all Toyota team members on leave

As you are aware, Unifor has filed its application to be the certified bargaining agent for workers at Toyota.

This means that we anticipate a vote to take place early next week, on Monday and Tuesday.

Many […]

VIDEO: We did it!

Unifor announces it has applied to be the certified bargaining agent at Toyota. March 31, 2014. Watch these highlights from the announcement!


Letter from Jerry Dias to Toyota Team Members

Dear Toyota team member,
Thank you for your support and your efforts over the last number of months. I’m thrilled to tell you that as of Monday, March 31, Unifor filed our application to the […]

We did it!

Thanks to your support, and many months of hard work by Toyota team members, we are happy to announce that Unifor has filed to be the certified bargaining agent for TMMC workers.

Unifor filed the application […]

How the Toyota campaign came to be

The origin of the Toyota campaign was different than most other large scale union organizing efforts.

The first cards that came in from Toyota in 2012 were actually bulletins from the human resources departments about the […]

Standing Up for a Raise at Toyota in Japan

Unionized Toyota workers in Japan have won their largest pay hike in 21 years. The Toyota Motor Workers’ Union won increases of about $26 in base pay per month, a 2.9 per cent raise on […]

One Toyota contract worker speaks out

Hi, my name is Paviter (Sam) Ghuman. I was born and raised in England, UK and have been living in Canada for approximately 3 years. I live in Guelph with my wife and two children.

I have worked in the automotive industry for 10 years – for BMW Group – before becoming a teacher of Business and Information Technology. I came to Canada for a new life and to continue to teach but have had no luck getting myself a suitable post. I applied and successfully got accepted to work for TMMC. I have now been at TMMC just under one year. I was so excited when I started here. I have worked hard and found the management have been supportive to me especially in times of need.

However, I have been shocked at certain aspects of TMMC, especially how the contract worker situation is currently set up. I come from a place where most large organizations, especially the size and status of TMMC, are unionized. For me, it is just unreal that TMMC is not unionized. I did not realize there was such a difference between contract and permanent workers. The ten year pay scale, the limited benefits (FYI – I brush my teeth 6 times in a day), the lack of holidays just seems so so bizarre. When I told my friends and family back in England, they thought I was joking – in fact they still don’t believe me!

I was very proud to work for BMW Group and I am equally proud to work for TMMC. I work with some great people and want to be part of the company’s future growth and success. The long term success and future of the Cambridge and Woodstock plants are in everybody’s interest. Success does not only mean dollars and profit for Toyota, but success should also be for the hard-working employees of these plants who work so tirelessly and sacrifice so much personal and family time to be part of this success. Employees do not just want to be seen working on the line but they want and need to be heard. Without Unifor, the voices are falling on deaf ears.

The gulf between the contract worker and permanent worker is immense. I understand and respect service but issues like pay, benefits, the length of time on contract and holidays need to be addressed. So many contract employees are so proud to be hired by and work at TMMC, they just want and deserve more than they are currently getting.

Finally I would like to say that I am privileged to work for TMMC as it is a great place to work. But with the help and input of Unifor, it could be an awesome place to work. It is time to make the decision that will change your working lives – it is NOW OR NEVER for you to get off the fence, don’t be afraid, don’t let the horror stories scare you, vote for yourself, vote for your future, vote for your children, vote for your families – vote YES for Unifor!

Thank you,

Paviter (Sam) Ghuman



Listen to our radio ad!

This radio ad is running in local radio stations to support the Toyota team members who are organizing their workplace to join Unifor.

Meet Toyota Worker Mitch Robinson!

Mitch has been at Toyota 10 years and he works in assembly on the door line. He works at the Cambridge south assembly plant. Mitch is 32-years-old and lives in Guelph.
 Why he supports Unifor
“I am […]

Meet Toyota Worker Denton Schriver!

Denton has worked at Toyota for 19 years and is now in assembly materials unloading freight coming into the plant. He works in Cambridge, is 45 years old and lives in Cambridge.
Why he supports Unifor
“We […]

Questions and Answers with Unifor President Jerry Dias

Jerry Dias, Unifor President, makes a direct appeal to team members at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada as to how the national union can make their workplace better.


Q: Why do you believe Toyota workers need Unifor?

A: […]

The Future of Skilled Trades at Toyota


The way Rob Latford sees it, Unifor will give skilled trades workers at Toyota support from across Canada. The millwright, working at the Woodstock plant, was at a recent workshop on skilled trades where he […]

Visit from National Union of Metal Workers South Africa (NUMSA)

Johannesburg, South Africa | 341,000 members | 33,000 in auto sector | 6,000 at Toyota plants in Durbin, and Johannesburg, S.A.
There are lessons in South Africa for Toyota workers here in Ontario. Unifor recently hosted […]

Meet Toyota Worker Carmen Nixon!

Carmen has worked at Toyota since 2010. She is a full time worker and chooses parts that are sent to the assembly line. She Works in Woodstock, is 30 years old and lives in Paris, […]

Expect Anti-Union Campaign

Lee Sperduti won’t be surprised if, suddenly, Toyota group leaders and managers are interested in the viewpoint of Toyota team members. Or, for that matter, if right-wing politicians and business groups speak out against unions.

As […]

Meet Toyota Worker Norman Proctor!

Norman has been at Toyota for four years and works in SPS picking parts for vehicles. He is 36 years old and works in Woodstock.
Why he support Unifor
“It would be fairer here if we had […]

The Voting Times – Issue 7

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Unifor and Toyota team members working together – Q&A

Why join a union? Why is it an exciting time to be part of unifor? How will Unifor benefit Toyota team members? These questions and more are answered by Unifor national president Jerry Dias.

Watch video

Unions Help Build Harassment-Free Workplaces

Harassment can be devastating for workers and their families, but it isn’t simply a personal problem. If it’s not dealt with properly, harassment in a workplace affects all workers. Whether it’s happening to you, to […]

New Investment in Ontario’s Auto Sector

Automotive investment is coming back, big time, to Ontario, said one automotive industry analyst.

Ontario’s auto sector has received, and is soon to get, billions of dollars in investment thanks to a resurgent auto economy.

“It is […]

Meet Toyota Worker Chris Roung!

Chris has worked at Toyota 16 years, drives vehicles on to rail cars. He works in Woodstock. He is 41 years old, lives in St. George, outside Brantford.

“I just think we need fair treatment and […]

Establishing Work Standards at Toyota

There are a lot of concerns and frustration being expressed about workload and work strains at Toyota.

Mike Martin, for example, has seen the “icing stations” at Toyota to help ease workers’ strain, and believes the […]

Meet Toyota Worker Cindy Venier!

Cindy has worked at Toyota 10 years, works in quality group inspecting vehicles for quality at different points in the production cycle. She works at the Cambridge, south assembly plant. She is 44 years old […]

Video: CUPE Supports Toyota Workers Joining Unifor

CUPE Supports Toyota Workers Joining Unifor


The Voting Times – Issue 6

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Creating a Better Workplace for Skilled Trades

 “There is no consistency, it’s like management changes the rules to suit their needs.” An eight-year skilled trades veteran at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada
Hurt by a grueling schedule, short notice for working Saturdays and little […]

Fairness for Toyota Contract Workers

Making Toyota’s contract workers full time employees will be a priority for Unifor when it unionizes the automaker, said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.

Unifor has heard directly from Toyota workers that the status of contract […]

Meet Toyota Worker Paul Teixeira!

Paul has worked at Toyota for seven years, six full time. He now works in the “cavity wax” area, spraying wax into interiors of doors and hoods, applying anti-chip paint. He works in Cambridge north […]

Unifor Gives You A Voice At Toyota!

As a worker represented by Unifor, you will have a way to address your day-to-day concerns about issues that arise in your workplace.

What’s more is that the union will give you a way to be […]

Collective Bargaining: Did You Know?

Q: What is the function of the union in the workplace?

The workers are the union in the workplace.

Toyota team members will elect your workplace representatives from among your peers to represent you on workplace issues […]

Pensions at Toyota

The pensions of Toyota workers are “vulnerable” while Unifor’s Detroit Three employees have greater control over their retirement income, a recent workshop on pensions heard.

The seminar, held in Kitchener for Toyota workers, saw a breakdown […]

Meet Toyota Worker Kevin Harvey!

Kevin has worked at Toyota 25 years as an industrial electrician. He works in the Cambridge, south plant. He is 56-years-old and lives in Kitchener.
Why he supports Unifor
“I have never been pro union but I […]

The Voting Times — Issue 5


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Can Contract Employees Vote?

Recently an industry observer commented in the press that Toyota’s contract employees will not be entitled to vote. He may know about cars but he obviously doesn’t know much about Ontario labour law.

Toyota’s contract workers […]

Meet Toyota Worker Ken Cleveland!

Ken Cleveland has worked at Toyota for 17 years, and is an industrial electrician. He is a team leader in Cambridge south, is 50 years old and lives in Cambridge.
Why he supports Unifor
“Somehow TMMC has […]

Toyota and Canada: A Great Combination

By Jim Stanford, Ph.D., Economist, Unifor

Toyota is the 8th largest global corporation and largest vehicle maker measured by revenue ($265 billion U.S. in 2013). And Canada has been critical to Toyota’s continuing success. Canada accounts […]

How does a union help women in the workplace?

There are many issues that are important to working women, such as access to child care, reaching a work/life balance, facing harassment or favoritism and building healthy workplaces.

Healthy Workplaces are an important issue for women […]

Unifor’s Women’s Advocate program

A Women’s Advocate is a specially trained workplace representative who assists women with concerns such as workplace harassment, intimate violence and abuse. The Women’s Advocate is not a counsellor but rather provides support for women […]

The Voting Times — Issue 4


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Rally Bolsters Toyota Organizing Campaign

It was an energetic and solidarity-filled Family Day weekend for many Toyota workers and supporters who attended a rally organized by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). Canada’s largest union hosted a rally in […]

The Voting Times — Issue 3

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Toyota workers will Drive Collective Bargaining

Toyota workers will drive collective bargaining, and draw up what demands will be negotiated, after joining Unifor.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada members may wonder what will be the first order of business after they vote for […]

Toyota’s record Profits; workers Seek fair Share

Toyota’s unionized workforce wants its share of the automaker’s record profits.

The Japanese giant is posting industry-leading profits, with its net income quadrupling last quarter and growing to $4.2 billion US, pushing the amount of cash […]

Meet Toyota worker Mike Martin!

Mike Martin has been with Toyota four years, one year full time. He works in Woodstock in the paint department. Mike is 49 years old and lives in Delhi.
Why he supports Unifor
“It’s not just about […]

Union Jobs In Ontario Are Coming Back, Strong

More workers represented by a collective agreement have been hired since the economic downturn than non-union, according to figures released by Statistics Canada.

In the auto-dominated manufacturing sector, the growth is even higher. “Hiring has come […]

Do you want straight talk on pensions?

Are you worried Toyota will change your pension, without notifying you?

Toyota has a good pension plan, but it is not safe. Changes have already been made without consulting workers. Learn the truth on pensions.

An expert […]

Meet Toyota worker Dan Pereira!

Dan Pereira works in the Cambridge south plant on the engine line for the Lexus. He has been at Toyota since 2004. He is 34 years old, and lives in Plattsville, Ontario.
Why he supports Unifor
“I […]

Meet Toyota worker Lee Sperduti!

Lee Sperduti has worked at Toyota for 11 years and is now in assembly. He works in Cambridge at the north plant. Lee is 36 years old, and lives in Cambridge.
Why he supports Unifor
“We build […]

Meet Toyota worker Patti Shipway!

Patti Shipway has worked at Toyota for three years, and was made full time in July 2013. She works in assembly at the Woodstock plant. She is 37 years old and lives in Woodstock.
Why she […]

The Voting Times – Issue 2

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Toyota is posting record sales in Canada – and its Canadian-made vehicles are leading the charge

Toyota Canada sold 10,439 vehicles this January, up 10.6% from sales in January 2013, according to figures released earlier this week by the automaker.

The Woodstock-made RAV4 set a sales record with 2,160 sold, up 221.4%, […]

Think Toyota can’t work with Unions? Think again.

Toyota, the union-friendly automaker, isn’t exactly the image the Japanese giant enjoys here in Ontario.

But a look at its global operations reveals Toyota works closely with unions at most of its 60 worldwide plants – […]

Solidarity Rally for Toyota Workers – CUPE and Unifor

Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), the largest public sector union in Canada, and Unifor are joining forces to stand in solidarity with Toyota Team members looking to unionize.

Join us to show […]

Union jobs are good jobs – and there are more of them!

Union jobs in Ontario are coming back, strong.
More workers represented by a collective agreement have been hired since the economic downturn than non-union, according to figures released by Statistics Canada.

And in the auto-dominated manufacturing sector, […]

Workers deserve share of auto industry recovery

The auto industry is back and booming – and it’s time workers shared in its success, says Jim Stanford, Unifor economist.

Vehicle sales across North America have recovered from the economic downturn, posting the strongest figures […]

The Voting Times – Issue 1

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Bargaining – No one takes a step back

As we ring in the New Year with excitement of the strength of your organizing drive, we congratulate your achievements over the past year and look forward to taking your campaign to the next level. […]

The auto industry is back and booming – and it is time workers shared in its success, says Jim Stanford, Unifor economist.

Vehicle sales across North America have recovered from the economic downturn, posting the strongest sales last year since 2007 – and the forecast for 2014 is even better.
“The rebound in auto sales is nothing short […]

The new year may challenge Ontario workers like never before, making the need for strong union support critical, says national labour expert.

Unifor is well positioned to help Ontario workers, says Charlotte Yates, professor in the labour studies program at McMaster University in Hamilton.

Both the federal and provincial governments have proposed aggressive anti-worker legislation and the auto […]

We’re in the home stretch.

The drive to have Unifor represent workers at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada is moving to its next phase, with a vote to unionize looming, says John Aman, Unifor director of organizing.
“We have tremendous support, tremendous […]

Workers need a say in their pensions: “No one wants their pension tampered with”

On paper, pensions offered by Toyota Canada and Unifor autoworkers are pretty much the same.But TMMC has shown its pension promise is not worth the paper it’s written on, say workers at Toyota.

Both pensions promise similar benefits on retirement, […]

Momentum builds for joining Unifor

Toyota workers loaded tables with Unifor T-shirts and materials, handing them out to co-workers and talking about their campaign to join Unifor, Canada’s newest union, during a rally today at the company’s Cambridge plant gates.
“I have […]

Show Me the Money

It’s like getting a little help with your holiday celebration.
At this time of year we look to our wallets a little more closely, to buy the things that make loved ones feel the cheer.

Turns out, […]

Toyota Canada has made it clear, it can change your pension whenever, however it wants – and it did just that.

In a meeting last week workers were told those hired after Jan. 1 2014 will get a less secure defined contribution pension plan while those working full time now – the last hire was in […]

“There is no consistency, it’s like management changes the rules to suit their needs.”

An eight-year skilled trades veteran at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada
Hurt by a grueling schedule, short notice for working Saturdays and little relief, Toyota’s skilled trades workers can look to Unifor on how to better their […]

Time off the job – A safety issue

Production workers at Toyota have a name for what’s happening to their jobs – job hardening. Its when you work long hours, at a fast pace and you hurt. Problem is, the hurt is not […]

Have Your Say!

As the campaign continues to gain momentum and cards are enthusiastically being handed in at the driveways, our support climbs.We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to fill out a new […]

Toyota has its “pedal to the metal” when it comes to production and profits in Canada, and it is time to share its wealth with workers, said Jim Stanford, economist with Unifor.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. is “critical” to the automaker with revenue growing 15 per cent this year over last to $12.5 billion, more than $2 billion a month, he said during a recent telephone […]

Making Toyota’s contract workers full time employees will be a priority for Unifor when it unionizes the automaker, said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.

Unifor took to the airwaves in a recent telephone town hall call-in to hear directly from Toyota workers on how the union can help, and the status of contract workers was top of mind for […]

Workers at Toyota’s auto assembly plants in Cambridge and Woodstock want a greater say in how they work.

Unifor, the union, is signing workers at both sites to union cards, an organizing drive geared to bettering the working conditions at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Corp.
“The auto sector is very important to Canada’s economy and […]

Join the Unifor Conversation

Ask Unifor President Jerry Dias and others any question about Unifor, Toyota and the auto industry. November 24, 2013. 5:00 pm Dial 1-877-229-8493 and Access code: 112250 and join in on the call.

Contract Workers Deserve Parity

Toyota is clearly a dynamic cost efficient enterprise, just as they were when they began production way back in 1988. In the years that followed,we sawthe automaker building high quality products, at competitive prices and […]

Unifor: The Union for Toyota

What is Unifor?
By now most of you are aware of the formation of our new union Unifor. The joining together of the CAWand CEP (Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union) creates a new union of over 300,000 members representing 33major sectors in Canada. Organizing is a key mandate and
commitment of Unifor. […]

Standing Together For Fairness

It’s clearer than ever before: Toyota workers want fairness for all! The fact that somany of you have taken that important step to stand together and openly show your support for the union is testament […]

Momentum Gains with Unifor and Toyota Workers

Unifor membership cards are returning to our office at an astonishing rate! You and your coworkers are making a difference as you continue to prove that a union contract is the only way to bring […]