Unifor is part of the struggle for women’s equality in the workplace and in the community.

Our strength comes from taking on the tough debates and defending our member’s rights in the workplace and at the bargaining table. Unifor women know what a difference having a union can make for women.

Unifor has a Women’s Department that engages in education, activism, and mobilization to defend women’s equality. Engaging sisters on equality issues and other union priorities strengthens the connection of women to the union, which means building a stronger movement as we fight for all our members’ rights.

Unifor helps to secure a Women’s Advocate, someone who is a specially trained workplace representative to assist women with concerns such as workplace harassment, intimate violence and abuse.

Unifor is at the forefront of defending the rights of women at work and in their communities by working on issues that help women in their daily lives. Some issues that are part of Unifor’s mandate: access to child care, decent work schedules, ending harassment and discrimination and defending fair hiring processes.

Are you a woman working at Toyota? Do you have questions or issues you want to discuss?

We need to hear from you!

Confidentially email us at toyotawomen@unifor.org or call the Toyota Unifor Women hotline at 1-800-268-5763 extension 8439.

To find out more about our campaigns, education programs or issues Unifor women care about, join us on Faebook at www.facebook.com/uniforwomen.