Unifor gives you a voice in your workplace.

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That means that with Unifor you can have a way to address your day to day concerns about issues as they arise, in a constructive and meaningful manner, with a focus on finding workable solutions.

You can even be part of finding those solutions. And, every few years, Unifor will sit down with a company to build a new work contract – and you can be part of that, too by attending meetings to pick your bargaining team and to tell them what you would like to see in a new contract. You can even run to be part of the bargaining team, and represent your co-workers when you sit down at the table with Toyota.

You deserve to have a voice in your workplaces. After all, it’s because of your hard work that Toyota is so successful. At Unifor, we believe you have a right to share in that success.

With Unifor, Toyota will no longer be able to change your conditions of work, your pension or your benefits without talking to your workplace Unifor representatives. That’s what a voice in the workplace means.

More than that, Unifor can help you improve the conditions of your work, boost health and safety standards or address any other issue that’s important to you.

Unifor will give you a voice in the workplace. How you use it will be decided by you and your co-workers.

  • Pensions
  • Benefits
  • Say on working conditions
  • Health & Safety language
  • A seat at the table with the employer
  • Full-Time Jobs for contract workers