Toyota workers are saying it is time…

Time to have more of a say in how they work, and time for the company bringing in record sales to share the wealth with those responsible for it – its workers. Here are some of the things Toyota workers are saying about fairness, wages, pensions, benefits, health and safety:


We need each other for any hope of protection.”

Health & Safety

“The line work is grueling – its the pace. You actually feel pain.”


There is no consistency, it’s like management changes the rules to suit their needs.”

Pension & Benefits

“Messing with pensions has definitely been one of our biggest fears and now they are meddling. I can’t count on them to protect my pension. We also have an insurance policy that would pay our spousal benefits for 10 years after we die. I want to know that my spouse is protected for the rest of their lives not 10 years.


“The two-tier pension is their warning. Two-tier wages are next. I’m ready to vote.

Pension & Benefits

“Anyone with a defined benefit plan could also see cuts in the future, at any time. Thanks for putting this out Toyota.”

Health & Safety

“It’s so hard to recover, people are tired all the time. Your body never gets a chance to adjust.


“This campaign isn’t about trying to match what D3 has – it is about stopping TMMC from taking more away, and starting to improve on what we have.But more importantly – it is to stop mistreatment, harassment, improve ergonomic and safety concerns. It’s about fair treatment and having a voice in our future.


“It’s impossible to plan a weekend, to have family time, you don’t know if they will force you to work.

Pension & Benefits

“This is how easy it is to change your pension… as of yesterday about 1/3rd of the employees at TMMC (contracts) had the hope of getting into the Defined Benefit pension when they got hired on. With a few words and probably less than 5 minutes of explanation now we don’t. It’s that easy. Full timers have exactly the same kind of protection from these kinds of changes as we contracts do…absolutely no protection at all.

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about the campaign

Workers at Toyota’s auto assembly plants in Cambridge and Woodstock want a greater say in issues such as wages, health and safety standards, pensions and contract workers, to name a few.